'Befriend Your Emotions' 

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Emotional Decluttering taster - in the comfort of your home

This free, introductory audio is presented by Dr Muzammal: medically trained Journey therapist with more than 10 years psychiatry experience.

It's been specially designed for anyone looking for a simple step to reduce emotional clutter & feel more at peace. While this does not involve the deeper-rooted release of a tailored 1:1 Journey Process, by using this audio, you will nonetheless experience a taste of emotional connection and relief. You will feel a little less clogged, a bit more free, clearer, and at ease in your self and who you really are right now.

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What this free audio gift will provide:

  • A gentle guided process to sense your body

  • Step-by-step instructions supporting you to be more comfortable with what you're feeling emotionally

  • Help you be more at ease, more free and at peace

This audio is NOT

  • a treatment for any medical condition

  • a Journey process

  • a substitute for seeing a health practitioner

How challenging d'you find your emotions?

How easy do you find it to really feel and release what is going on inside of you, whatever that may be?
Or do you sometimes find yourself resisting your feelings? If so, you're in the right place for that little bit of support!

Why do we resist our feelings?

For many of us, society tends to communicate messages telling us that some emotions are ‘good‘, and some are ‘bad‘. This can be one reason why we grow up feeling more comfortable experiencing some emotions than others

Often, we can end up resisting our emotions, pushing them down. In some cases, we end up in an almost constant battle with them. Sometimes we distract ourselves, intellectualise, or cover them up with something that gives us a pseudo-relief – perhaps reaching out for food, maybe smoking a cigarette, pouring ourselves a drink, or going online etc…

What happens when we resist our emotions?

If an emotion isn’t allowed to be experienced, or we if battle against it, that sadly is not the end of the emotion. 

If we push it down or fight it, it doesn’t go away, but now holds more power. It consumes more of our energy, influences us behind the scenes into reactive behaviours or unhealthy patterns, and like a veil it also covers up more of our underlying Essence, preventing it from shining through. We may feel more foggy or blocked, lack direction or experience less meaning in our lives.

Honour your inner friends & feel at ease in yourself

What this free audio offers is a simple process guiding you to connect with and feel emotions in your body as they are. It’s not about making something up, or running away, but about being present to and honouring your emotional state, whatever that is in the moment. As you do this, whatever emotion is there begins to loosen its grip on us and move through the body.

All you'll need to do is just sit and follow the simple instructions. Through the guided process, you'll have taken a small but significant step helping you feel a little less clogged, a bit more free, clearer, and at ease in your self and who you really are right now!

The benefits of this kind of work extend to all aspects of life: work, leisure and relationships