Do you hate your job or career-path?

Would you love to feel creative, valued and inspired?

In this article, you’ll learn 5 common hurdles stopping professionals quitting a job they hate - and how you can overcome those hurdles to shift to a career path that is more meaningful and that you love!...


Common Hurdle No. 1 - Fear, and Staying within your Comfort Zone

I've seen this one come up often.

'Fear' may come up any time we think about making a major transition. If so, this can cause us to stay with our less meaningful, but familiar routine – protecting us from having to experience this uncomfortable emotion.

But the truth is, we cannot actually transition to a path of joy without experiencing fear at least some of the time. Fear is part of the process.

So, rather than avoiding feeling fear, it’s actually important to be comfortable with it. As you learn to do this, fear will actually hold less of a grip than if you try to be 'comfortable' by avoiding it.

You'll be able to explore possibilities despite the fear and take those important actions. This will build your confidence and you'll grow as a person.

If fear is something you’re struggling with and you'd like some support, please feel free to get in touch.


Common Hurdle No. 2 - Lacking Confidence and Belief in Yourself

Here's another big one.

So, I want to tell you something.

You are amazing.

You have incredible gifts, talents and abilities that nobody else has in the exact same way.

You are unique. And the world needs you.

Often what we take for granted in our selves and consider insignificant can be extraordinary in the eyes of others.

I’d like to suggest a simple, yet powerful exercise - one that was recommended to me by one of my mentor's:

Ask three people (friends and/or colleagues or clients) to write down what gifts they see in you and to then pass the list to you.

Your heart will be touched by what you read, and you’ll appreciate yourself alot more. It will boost your confidence making it easier to take bold steps - such as changing the path you're on. You'll appreciate that you have much to offer the world and don't have to depend on a situation in which you feel deeply frustrated and that fails to inspire you.

I’ve completed this exercise myself, and I keep a printout of the email responses from friends and clients about my gifts so I can look at them when I need a reminder or a boost.


Common Hurdle No. 3 - Not Having Clear Goals

It’s important to identify key goals that will move you our of your current job to one aligned to your passion. Without identifying key goals - even if only for the initial phase - it can be hard to know where to begin.

So think about any obstacles or blocks stopping you from leaving your job and transitioning to a more inspiring path. The obstacles you note may be in the area of finances, mindset, your location, your professional or social networks, or anything else that feels like an obstacle to you.

Goals to transition career

Then, for each obstacle write down goals that could help you overcome that obstacle.

And once you’ve identified key, specific goals that you need to achieve to overcome those obstacles, try breaking each goal down further into actionable steps so you have a clear, do-able pathway forwards.

Some of these steps will be concrete. Some will require you to gather information first. And if so, then turn that into another clear step. Ask yourself, who do I need to speak to so I have the information I need?

This then becomes an ‘actionable step’ that leads to the answer to your question. Everything, even things that are unclear can thus be distilled into an action! And writing it down increases the likelihood that it will be completed and you will keep moving forward.

The plan you design can of course be tweaked as you try things out and uncover answers to questions.

Think of your plan as a living guidance system that can adapt while remaining rooted in your core values and vision.


Common Hurdle No. 4 - Not yet Knowing What Your Passion is

Not knowing our passion can be a critical hurdle that stops us really making the transition.

This is because not knowing our passion means we have no internal reference point.

Without a meaningful point of reference, it’s easy to just stay where you are, or to end up moving between false opportunities that are equally suffocating and soul-destroying.

So, if it's at all possible it can be extremely helpful to 'pause' and take time to discover what your passion is so you don't automatically move from one situation you hate into another.

Of course, we may still need to try out certain experiences, but giving ourselves the opportunity to connect with Essence and our Passion really helps us navigate to a more meaningful path.

So how do we connect with our Passion?

We can connect with our Passion and Essence through taking time out, learning to listen to our heart, and spending time in nature or in silence.

There are also many 1:1 approaches – for example, Journeywork which is included in our Personalised 90-day 'Liberate Your Inner Purpose Programme' is a powerful method to dissolve core emotional limiting blocks and directly connects us to our essential nature and purpose.

We can also use enquiry, asking ourself meaningful questions.

For example, try asking yourself:

“What is there left for me to do so I have little or no regrets?”

Write down what comes up for you. Your answers will give some indication as to what lies in your Heart.


Common Hurdle No. 5 - Thinking You Can Do it Alone

It’s incredible how much time can go by without really moving when you don’t have all the support you need. And yes, professional support is mega-massively helpful.

So, investing in yourself is a part of the journey. I’ve learnt that big time. If you don’t invest in the support you need, the cost can paradoxically be so much greater. This is because it can take so much longer to reach a path that is inspiring and meaningful, so if there's a period where you’re drawing on savings, they can dry up.

The longer time can also cost our health: emotional and physical, and our relationships. So, yup, it’s pretty clear that investing in the right support is money well spent.

We all need support. The key is to find the support that is right for you.


Now that we've been through all five hurdles, I'd love to hear if any have been particularly heavy or challenging in your own life? And have you had any success in overcoming them? If so, how?

Or, have you experienced any hurdles that I haven't touched on in the post?

You can scroll down and drop a comment in the box. It'll be great to read and include your personal input and experience too!...


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