Kick-start your transition to a career you love

Here's what you can expect with this free 15 page e-workbook

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  • Access a tested method that will help launch you to a new meaningful career path

  • Receive guidance through exercises of self-discovery within the five steps

  • Be enriched by inspirational quotes that reinforce the steps and key principles you’ll be implementing

  • Experience greater confidence and a deeper realisation of what you have to offer the world

  • Develop focus as you let go of confusion, and identify meaningful action to get you started

  • Gain inspiration with email support to help you further your transition journey (opt out anytime)


Who this e-workbook is for?

This e-workbook is for you if you’re feeling stifled in a job or career, and are looking to realign your career to your purpose, and...

...are willing to complete the e-workbook exercises so you can move forward.

Who this e-workbook is not for?

If you’re not willing to put in effort, then this e-workbook won’t work for you, I'm afraid!

Is the e-workbook really for free?

Yes! There is no requirement to make any payment for the e-workbook.

At the same time, we wish for everyone using the e-workbook to be aware of the care, time and attention that has gone into producing it. Thus, once you receive this e-workbook, you will be welcome to gift an amount of your choice, according to the help you have received and what you are able to give.

You'll get an email a few days after signing up for it with this invitation - or, if you like, you can gift an amount by clicking the button below (e.g. £1, £2, £5 or £10).

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Please note, however, you are most welcome to receive and use the e-workbook without gifting any amount whatsoever.

So, either way, enjoy!...