It's not just about finding a new job

Do you feel stuck in a career that just isn't connecting with your heart?

If so, you probably know that it's not quite so straightforward as just 'finding a new job'.

You're probably aware, that at some level, what is required will need to go much deeper. The process of meaningful career transition will mean tuning into who you are, and to what makes you feel alive.

How to connect with essence

For this to be authentic, it will typically lead you on a journey of healing of inner wounds - for emotional pain, and constricted behaviour patterns, are an almost inevitable outcome of frequenting the theatre of a soul-destroying workplace (if that's the kind of work situation you’re currently in).

Simultaneously, you may be questioning your self-worth, perhaps experiencing a crisis in meaning manifesting as episodes of anxiety or drop in mood. You may be gravitating towards reacting all too quickly or withdrawing, perhaps leading to a detorioration in relationships held dear.

While being on a path of getting the 'next new job that comes along' can provide a temporary sense of hope, in reality there is likely to be the deeper need of engaging with authentic healing work.

There is a need to release any hurt, frustration and anger, and to free yourself from the prison of unconsciously held limiting beliefs - so that you can transform the blueprint that may otherwise draw repeated experiences into your life

And by safely releasing accumulated emotional baggage, you open up to greater connection with your heart. Your inner voice speaks more clearly, and your sense of purpose and direction is stirred.

An invitation

If the above resonates with what you feel you need to meaningfully transition in your career, you are invited to step into the work that is needed, so that you can.

To receive the support you will need for this level of emotional healing work, I suggest an initial conversation to discuss whether a package of emotional breakthrough journeywork might be helpful.

These sessions are taken 1:1 remotely, as long as you have good internet connection - which means they are available from almost any city you might be in.

They take place weekly, or fortnightly, over several weeks, and will help you release emotional clutter and baggage, and loosen beliefs that limit your greater potential. You'll open into a greater experience of freedom, be more connected to essence and a sense of purpose. This will provide you with a core foundation for meaningful work transition.

On your call, I'll hear about what you're facing, and we can chat about whether an emotional breakthrough package could help you. The sessions themselves can then start at a mutually convenient time.

More details about the packages are here.

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