I wanted to share with you that I’ve just launched a New Year’s 20% reduction on any emotional breakthrough Journey Package for a limited period.

The special offer will end on Monday January 14th 2019, so now is the time to book your free call.

You can take advantage of this offer from almost any city in the world, as the sessions are over video call.


I decided to offer this discount because I know the power of this work - and I know there are many of you who are yet to experience it.

I want you to take that step with less of a barrier so you can taste the profound consequences in your life.

Yet, this offer is here even if you've worked with me before, as I wouldn't want you to miss out either :)

Here’s what's involved...

Radical healing for relationship, career, well-being

If you've been through this before, you'll know that an emotional breakthrough package is a special healing treat! (Read more about this remarkable approach here).

It ensures you receive the deep level of inner care you may have been craving for some time, but haven’t yet found a way to satisify.

It can help you:

  • let go of past hurts & baggage, and experience greater freedom

  • dissolve stuckness and confusion,

  • improve mood and lessen anxiety

  • overcome limiting patterns, and

  • discover greater clarity in relationships, work, health, life, or whatever area you choose to bring to your sessions.

“I have since been feeling stronger and much more focussed in my life." 

It consists primarily of a series of 1:1 emotional breakthrough Journey processes (three, five, or seven - you choose) over several weeks. This results in the release of mental and emotional baggage in a safe and graceful way. The experience is very profound.

As the layers fall away, you feel renewed. Your life is supported with meaningful insights you will have gained, greater freedom, and fresh, creative energy.


Book Your Free Clarity Call Now

If you're interested, whether as a 'definite' or 'maybe', then NOW is the time to book your free call with me -

There are a limited number of free calls available. (Typically by video call)

During your call:

  • We discuss what you're facing

  • You get to ask any questions

  • We talk through ideas to help you move forwards

By the end of the call, you'll get a feel for whether a package is right for you. There will be no obligation to take up the offer, while if it does feel right to both of us, we can move forward.

What you need to know:

  1. The package will involve a series of Emotional Breakthrough Journey processes by video call over several weeks (either a three, five or seven session package). They take place at a mutually agreed time that works for us both.

  2. The standard rate fees for the packages are here. With this offer, you get 20% off the rates on the website. This amounts to substantial savings.

  3. Your free call for the special offer must take place in the first two weeks of January i.e. until Monday January 14th 2019. Your actual breakthrough sessions can then start within the next three weeks.

  4. The video sessions for the packages can take place anywhere in the world. You’ll simply need good internet connection with webcam and a comfortable, private space.


"I have done years of various talk therapies, and as a therapist intuitively felt that this was something radically different.  I proceeded to have the full recommended cycle of 3 sessions, and indeed, the process was like no other I've experienced. 

Muzammal's patience, skill, and deep atunement give the safety to explore these sometimes turbulent waters, and the sessions allow space to explore, and resolve deeply buried, unconscious material.

After the 3 sessions, I felt a deep change, and gentle shift in some of the core beliefs that had left me limited in my life.

I recommend the Journey with Muzammal to anyone searching emotional atunement."

Martha Little

"Thank you so much for seeing me recently. I can't tell you what a huge impact your professional expertise has had on me and in finding ways to move forward.

Following an incredibly difficult period with severe issues with anxiety, my in depth sessions with you have really helped to address and lessen this problem.

As a result, I've been re-evaluating my whole life and realising how much of the decisions and choices I've made have been down to specific events in my past. It's been very profound.

I very much appreciate your time and expertise, and have been singing your praises to people I know. I would really recommend your work to others seeking support for a range of problems."


More testimonials are here

Next Step: Book Your Free Clarity Call Now

The next step is to have a chat by booking your free call. This will typically take place via video call.

Your free call must take place before Monday January 14th 2019.

I’m looking forward to speaking with you!

In Peace,