Dr Muzammal Life-Path Liberation Coach

Dr Muzammal
Life-Path Liberation Coach

"Would you love to free yourself from an uninspiring job or life-path...

... and bring more clarity, passion and purpose into your life path and career?"



So you can stop... 

...being stifled by people and systems that just don’t appreciate the incredible gifts and talent you bring.

...feeling unsupported and lost, not knowing what to do.

...feeling imprisoned in a life that doesn’t connect with your heart.

...feeling out of touch with your passion and true purpose in life.

What you need is...

  • a gentle nurturing space in which you naturally discover insights about yourself and your situation and actions that need to be taken.

  • a powerful means to safely let go of deep emotional clutter and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from moving forwards.

  • a deep level of support enabling you to connect with what makes your heart sing, so you gain joy and fulfillment while others are enriched by the amazing gifts and talent you bring.

  • practical guidance to tap into the restorative qualities of the natural world, awakening your senses and drawing out your true, authentic voice.

  • a step-by-step structured process tailored to your needs to help you identify clear, meaningful actions so you can take focussed steps that build your confidence.

My passion is to support you with the care and sensitivity you need. It is my joy to witness you journey from feeling frustrated, lost and disillusioned to gaining clarity and direction so you’re now taking steps that are transforming your situation from where you are right now to where you want to be.

I have a unique blend of complementary and powerful skills and expertise to support you along this transformative path.

I have personally experienced the pain, isolation and numbing of the soul when its voice is silenced in robotic, top-down structures. I have taken the leap and shifted my life-path from working in mainstream medicine in rigid systems to working for myself - supporting people to go through deep transformations and working with approaches that awaken Soul and community.

I have let go of layers obstructing my purpose and passion, allowing me to connect more deeply with my heart and inner knowing. I have re-discovered my passion for nature and it’s incredible gifts that can help ground, heal and inspire us.

I understand what you are feeling and what is needed to make the transition.

I would feel honoured to be a catalyst for your transformational journey where you can let go of limitations, gain clarity, connect with purpose and are of greater more meaningful service to the world.


This 90 Day Programme is for...

Professionals who want to connect with their passion, identify steps for meaningful action, and transition to a life and career direction that is in alignment with their Purpose and who they truly are.


Here's exactly what you'll receive when you join the programme...

  • Nine weekly 1:1 skype coaching sessions of 1 hour each to move towards clarity and focussed actions.
  • Three 1:1 emotional breakthrough processes over skype of around 3 hours each helping you let go of limiting patterns and beliefs and connect with your Essence.

  • Work sheets and homework exercises to reinforce the gains and strengthen the momentum achieved through our 1:1 sessions.

  • Email support between calls for the duration of the programme.

  • Recap summary of insights and key points from our sessions.


What previous clients have said about working with me...

“Dr Muzammal's patience, skill, and deep atunement give the safety to explore turbulent waters… After working with Dr Muzammal, I felt a deep change, and gentle shift in core beliefs that had left me limited in my life.”   Martha Little

“Dr Muzammal had the right balance of empathy and the necessary toughness to keep me on track. I would highly recommend Dr Muzammal.”   Brenda Thomson Meek

“I felt cared for the whole way through.”   AW

“I have since been feeling stronger and much more focussed in my life.Rona

“I have found Dr Muzammal's work inspirational and can't thank him enough."  Anzhela Racheva



Thank you, and I'm really looking forward to speaking with you!

Dr Muzammal