Dr Muzammal  Career Realignment Catalyst, Therapist, Facilitator

Dr Muzammal
Career Realignment Catalyst, Therapist, Facilitator

"What would it feel like  to free yourself from an uninspiring job...

... and bring more creativity, passion and purpose into your career-path and life?"


  • Are you stuck in a career that doesn’t connect with your heart?

  • Do you feel stifled by people or systems that don’t appreciate the incredible gifts and talent you bring?

  • Do you feel out of touch with your passion and true purpose in life?

  • Are you feeling lost, not knowing what to do?

If so, you are in the right place AND you are not alone. You have amazing gifts that the world needs.

With step-by-step guidance you can discover your purpose and a path that makes your heart sing – a career direction that honours and aligns to your true authentic self…


What you need is...

  • a gentle nurturing space in which you naturally discover insights about yourself and your situation and actions that need to be taken.

  • a powerful means to safely let go of limiting beliefs that are preventing you from moving forwards.

  • a deep level of support enabling you to connect with what makes your heart sing, so you gain joy and fulfillment while others are enriched by the amazing gifts and talent you bring.

  • a step-by-step structured process tailored to your needs to help you identify clear, meaningful actions so you can take focussed steps that build your confidence.

My passion is to support you with the care and sensitivity you need. It is my joy to witness you gaining clarity and direction so you’re now taking steps that are transforming your situation from where you are right now to where you want to be.

I have a unique blend of complementary and powerful skills and expertise to support you along this transformative path.

I have personally experienced the pain, isolation and numbing of the soul when its voice is silenced in robotic, top-down structures. I have taken the leap and shifted my life-path from working in mainstream medicine in rigid systems to primarily working for myself, supporting people to go through deep transformations and working with approaches that awaken Soul and community.

I would feel honoured to be a catalyst for your journey where you can let go of limitations, gain clarity, connect with purpose and be of meaningful service to the world.



With our five-step programme, you'll be gently guided...


Step 1: Start where you're at

You'll gain a refined understanding of where you're at right now, what's working, what isn't and more. This step will provide you with a strong, clear foundation for identifying the practical actions that will get you to where you want to be. 


Step 2: Connect with Essence: Awaken your Inner Compass

Going deeper, you'll connect with your true self, letting go of baggage, and will gain a deep clarity as to your purpose, unique gifts, strengths and inner resources


Step 3: Your Unique Career direction

Having established clarity about who you are, you are now in a position to generate practical ideas - enabling you to discover the career direction that is naturally in alignment with your passions, unique gifts, and deeper purpose discovered earlier.


Step 4: Identify Resources and Support


To move effectively to where you want to be, you'll want to access all the help you can get. Through this step, you will identify help and resources available to practically leverage you to the career path you love, and that is in alignment with who you are.


Step 5: Implement Your Career Fulfillment Plan

We now bring everything together by joining the dots, so you can create your personalised plan with clear, manageable steps.

Your plan will align to your Purpose and your unique career direction, and will draw on the resources and support you’ve identified earlier (step 4) to take you to your dream career. You'll know exactly what you need to do to move forward.

Each action will reveal further insights enriching your journey and offering further clarity, as you actively move to a career where you experience fulfillment and are of meaningful service to the world.




Programme Outline

  • Intention/Vision: Where do you want to get to

  • Purpose and Passions: Your heart’s calling, what you love doing and how

  • Values: Your ethical framework and what gives you meaning

  • Gifts, Strengths, Talents, Inner Resources: The amazing and unique potential you already have

  • Patterns of Abundance: transform self-sabotaging patterns into patterns of creative support and abundance

  • Resources: wider support and skills you can tap into to help you on your journey

  • Alignment: A career pathway that aligns with your Essence, Passions and Purpose

  • Design Plan: Create your unique plan with actionable steps that take you to your dream career


Results / Outcomes you can expect

  • You will discover your purpose, passions and your heart’s true calling

  • You will get crystal clear as to your values, unique gifts, strengths, skills and inner resources

  • You will feel confident knowing the deep value and potential you have to offer your self and the world

  • You will discover key sources of support to accelerate your progress to a fulfilling career

  • You will identify clear goals and design steps to move purposefully towards a career path you deeply believe in

  • You will gain meaningful insights and an internal compass to navigate life and your career choices now and any time in the future


Programme Format

  • Welcome/Induction Call (Up to 90 minutes)

  • Nine private 1:1 video coaching calls of one hour each to move towards clarity and focussed action

  • Homework and journalling exercises to deepen gains and strengthen the momentum achieved through our 1:1 sessions

  • One weekly email support exchange between sessions for the duration of the programme

  • Set of three emotional breakthrough sessions over video call to dissolve deep-rooted, limiting blocks (this can be optional if appropriate), with one integration support call between each session

  • Time-frame: This is a four month programme


Approaches and methods

The overarching approach is one I've named Essence Inspired Life Design. It includes:

  • Coaching and facilitated enquiry

  • Guided reflection for self discovery

  • Accountability and supportive listening

  • Holistic framework: we view your desired career path as a means to be and express your true authentic self: your passions, unique gifts, values and sense of meaning and purpose

  • Flexibility: we will adapt the process, steps and pace according to your situation and what shows up for you

This programme is for you if…

  • you feel disillusioned with your work or career path

  • you know what you don’t want, but don’t yet know what you do want

  • you are seeking a career direction that is fulfilling, meaningful and you feel deeply passionate about

  • you are willing to discover more about who you are

  • you are ready to invest the time and energy needed to implement the steps in the programme so you can make your dream a reality

This programme will be unsuitable for you if:

  • you are looking for a job urgently e.g. within the next few weeks

  • you are primarily looking for work so you can make ends meet, regardless of whether that work will be aligned to your passion and purpose

  • you are looking for help with CV writing or interview preparation


What is special about this five-step programme?

Conventional career support usually tries to fit you into an externally manufactured box that only superfically connects with what you bring. While it might take into account your standard qualifications and skills it tends to stay at the surface level in terms of you as a human being.

You thus end up feeling like you have to mould yourself to a standardised image, and hold back much of the unique gifts, passion and potential you have.

This programme goes much deeper and is thus infinitely more enriching than the approach above: Rather than starting from the outside, it starts from the inside – it begins with and honours YOU!

When you discover and step into your true authentic self and take ownership of the unique gifts, talents and passion that are an expression of your nature and that the world is thirsting for, you have the blueprint – the key - that opens the magic door to the career path aligned to your heart. This blueprint will be precious to you for the rest of your life.

When we couple this deep work with a creative design process, you also uncover an action plan that naturally carries you to your dream career and the fulfilling and meaningful life you deserve. (I call the entire process Essence Inspired Life Design.)

The world is waiting for you, and this programme shows you to yourself and to the world!



1) Do I need to leave my current job to enrol onto the programme?

If your current job is essential for paying the bills and you don’t have any other option right away, then I suggest staying with your current job for now. You can participate in and benefit from the programme at the same time.

As you progress through the steps, your unique career direction will become clearer. As this happens, we can discuss when is the right time for you to transition from your current career direction, if that is the right choice that shows up for you.

2) Why is the programme four months? Can I do it in a shorter period of time?

In a world where things can appear to happen at the press of a button, four months might appear to be a significant period of time! However, take a moment to reflect on how long you’ve been on a path that isn’t true to you.

Four months is actually a relatively short period to invest in your self so you can break the tiresome cycle you are in. Four months means we don’t do superficial. It means we go deep enough so you can authentically connect with and awaken your Purpose and Inner Compass.

With these deep resilient roots, you confidently make choices that transform your situation from one that is taking you to false opportunities that drain your energy to real opportunities where you feel energised and where your unique gifts and talents become the very core of what you do.

The big bonus you get is that the blueprint you discover will give you meaningful direction not just now but for the rest of your life.

3) How much time will I need outside of the formal activities to implement the steps in the programme

There will be time that you will need to invest outside of the formal coaching time. This will vary from week to week, and to a degree we can adjust the pace to suit your needs. However, I would suggest to expect to invest up to around 2-4 hours a week in addition to our calls, in order to implement the steps in the programme.


4) I feel I might be too old. Could it be too late for me to join the programme and change career?

I suggest listening to your heart? Do you feel you still have unexpressed potential to contribute to the world? How would you feel if you could now awaken that potential and align your life to your deeper purpose?

This programme will help to do this whether you are early in a career or close to retiring, and anywhere in between. The personal blueprint you access will inject meaning into your life within and beyond any formal career path that you may choose to transition to.

This is about showing up and living your life fully, bringing your gifts and passion to the world. If this resonates with you, I suggest arranging a call so we can chat more fully.





Thank you, and I'm really looking forward to speaking with you!

Dr Muzammal