Your invitation to apply to receive my help... 

I understand how stifling it can feel being in a job you hate or on a life-path that doesn’t feel like your own - and so I'd like to invite you to apply for a free 1:1 Strategy Call.

On our call, you will:

  Dr Muzammal  Career Realignment Catalyst

Dr Muzammal
Career Realignment Catalyst

  • Get clear on your vision for your life and work
  • Uncover core blocks and ways of shifting them
  • Identify key action and any longer term support you need so you can achieve the transformation you desire to a life and career you love.



Drawing on my ability to listen deeply, facilitate skillfully and create structured processes that lead to wise action, I have helped dozens of people connect with their Essence and apply tools and processes transforming their situation to one aligned to their Heart.

"Dr Muzammal's patience, skill and deep atunement give the safety to explore turbulent waters... After working with Dr Muzammal, I felt a deep change, and gentle shift in core beliefs that had left me limited in my life." Martha Little
"I have found Dr Muzammal's work inspirational and can't thank him enough." Anzhela Racheva

I would love to share how I could personally support you to take steps that will begin to transform your life-path and your career direction to one you love.

A Life-Path Strategy Session is for you if:

  • you feel disillusioned with your work or career path

  • you know what you don’t want, but don’t yet know what you do want

  • you are seeking a career direction that is fulfilling, meaningful and you feel deeply passionate about

  • you are willing to discover more about who you are

A Life-Path Strategy Session is unsuitable for you if:

  • you are looking for a job urgently e.g. within the next few weeks

  • you are primarily looking for work so you can make ends meet, regardless of whether that work will be aligned to your passion and purpose

  • you are looking for help with CV writing or interview preparation

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There are a limited number of life-path strategy sessions available right now. If you'd like to apply, simply choose a time that suits you below, and then complete the application form for your call with me. I will then be in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!...