If you’ve been feeling low or anxious, perhaps finding it hard to concentrate, and maybe feeling closed down to life, I can work with you to help you move forward.

I will enable you to to access and safely release deep emotional blocks or pain, and to give voice to the parts that have become buried.

As these layers dissolve and deep emotional pain is safely released, the possibility opens for more energy and joy to come through, mood to improve and focus to return. Simultaneously you will gain insights and greater clarity as to who you are, and what your life purpose is.

I would recommend a Three or Five-Journey Package if you would like to work on the above issues.

As an experienced Journey therapist with a medical background in psychiatry over a period of more than 12 years, I can offer valuable support and understanding, whether or not you are also engaging with the medical profession and whether or not you have been prescribed any medication.

Either way, if you would like to discuss how I can support you to get well, please contact me.