We Offer You Transformative support for a range of challenges you May be Facing

The Journey can be extremely valuable whenever there is an emotional component to what you're facing. Each process can take up to about three hours allowing for deep transformation.

The Journey can help with:

  • Emotional Issues such as recurrent feelings of hurt, anxiety, sadness, grief, frustration, anger, resentment, depression or low self-esteem – to name a few – can resolve or soften, opening up more creativity, confidence and purpose.
  • Self Limiting Beliefs such as “I am unworthy”, “I cannot succeed” or “Everyone is better than me”. Getting to the core and releasing underlying blocks to free up more of your potential.
  • Behavioural Patterns: unhealthy patterns such as nail-biting, eating disorders, alcohol/substance misuse, addictions – you may find you now have more freedom to make healthier life-supporting choices.
  • Physical Issues: By tapping into one’s own body wisdom and resolving a core emotional issue stored in the cells, the Journey can increase inner resilience, and help reveal insights behind physical issues while opening up the possibility for healing.

Here’s a wider general list of areas for which people find the Journey to be of value:

  • Discovering You Passion and Purpose (as in in our 'Liberate Your Inner Purpose' Programme)
  • Lack of Clarity and Direction
  • Low Confidence and Lacking Self-Belief
  • Loss & Bereavement
  • Abuse issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Gender and Sexual Orientation
  • Past Trauma
  • ME / Chronic Fatigue
  • Blocked Creativity

Specialist areas

Whilst I have helped many people from many walks of life undertake the journey, I also have a particular focus on these key areas:


Struggling with Mood, Anxiety or Trauma

Looking to rediscover the focus and energy to do the things you love?

Medically Trained Therapist, with Psychiatry Background


Medical Treatment Support

Receiving Medical Treatment?

Looking for healing support?

Work therapeutically with a compassionate, medically trained therapist