Restorative Wholeness supports you to Dissolve deep-rooted blocks enabling you to live more fully



If you are stuck in a life-situation, struggling with depression or anxiety, or gripped by an unhealthy behaviour pattern, this could be because of emotion yet to be released. We can experience depression when emotions have been buried. Anxiety can be a surface symptom of deeper emotions we haven’t fully felt or have avoided. Unhealthy behaviour patterns can be a way to distract ourselves from feelings we find uncomfortable. Physical illness too may arise following an emotionally traumatic event.

Whatever the reason, and whatever you are facing, I offer my years of experience with the Journey process as a powerful, direct method to help you safely feel and release stored emotions and begin the process of healing.

Specialist areas

Whilst I have helped many people from many walks of life undertake the journey, I also have a particular focus on three key areas:

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Restorative Wholeness is about stepping into who we truly are and living life from our creative essence in an ecologically dynamic, interconnected world. It is about transformation and healing – becoming Whole.

It involves Professional Journey Healing and Support with Dr Muzammal, a sensitive & skilled, medically qualified, Accredited Journey Therapist trained by Brandon Bays. Dr Muzammal’s experience as a medical doctor includes a background in psychiatry spanning more than 10 years.