Client Testimonials

The process was like no other I've experienced...

"I met Muzammal by 'chance' while he was vacationing, and was so intrigued by his work, I scheduled an appointment the following week.

I have done years of various talk therapies,  and as a therapist intuitively felt that this was something radically different.  I proceeded to have the full recommended cycle of 3 sessions, and indeed, the process was like no other I've experienced. The focus and deep exploration of emotions,  without entering the mental story, allows one to enter unchartered territories....a geography where talk therapies rarely arrive.

Muzammal's patience, skill, and deep atunement give the safety to explore these sometimes turbulent waters, and the 3 hour sessions allow space to explore, and resolve deeply buried, unconscious material. After the 3 sessions, I felt a deep change, and gentle shift in some of the core beliefs that had left me limited in my life.

I recommend the Journey with Muzammal to anyone searching emotional atunement."

Martha Little - Therapist in Granada, Spain (following sessions over video call)

You helped me lessen my anxiety..

"Thank you so much for seeing me recently. I can't tell you what a huge impact your professional expertise has had on me and in finding ways to move forward.

Following an incredibly difficult period with severe issues with anxiety, my in depth sessions with you have really helped to address and lessen this problem.

As a result, I've been re-evaluating my whole life and realising how much of the decisions and choices I've made have been down to specific events in my past. It's been very profound.

I very much appreciate your time and expertise, and have been singing your praises to people I know. I would really recommend your work to others seeking support for a range of problems."

Nicky - Company Director



I felt it was ten years of therapy in one session

“I am so grateful for this transformative session with Muzammal. His energy is truly spacious and compassionate and I felt supported to process some difficult emotions that led to some beautiful discoveries.

I felt heard, supported, comforted and seen throughout the session and because of this I was able to tap into that peaceful center within and grace myself with self compassion. I felt it was ten years of therapy in one session.

Thank you Muzammal for extending your gift of presence, wisdom, and compassion with me. I feel so grateful for all the shifts taking place!”

Caitlin Leigh

I feel stronger and much more focussed

“I was guided to safely make contact with and release previously uncomfortable feelings. Muzammal was kind and reassuring throughout. After my Journey process, I felt refreshed and lighter, my mind clear. I have since been feeling stronger and much more focussed in my life.

Rona – Occupational Therapist

Incredibly thorough and so powerful...

“I had heard about The Journey Process quite some time ago.  I decided it was time to explore and researched the list of practitioners on the main Journey website.

I felt intuitively that Muzammal, with his background in both medicine and psychology, was the right person for me to go to.  My intuition served me well, as he was incredibly thorough and had the right balance of empathy and the necessary toughness to keep me on track as I met up with surprising pockets of psychological resistance.  

I recognised a variety of therapeutic/psychological methods and modalities within the process, but the synthesis of all of these is what makes the process so powerful.  The practitioner has time to lead you right down to the deep core of your personal programming and through that tough resistance.  So often in therapy, just at the point where a client reaches this level the clock intervenes and of course they are then let off the hook and avoid the really uncomfortable bit of the inner journey which bring about transformation and change.  

In conclusion I would highly recommend both The Journey, and I would also highly recommend Muzammal who practises in both Brighton and London.”

Brenda Thomson Meek – Professional Singer, Teacher & Clinical Hypnotherapist

I connected to powerful aspects of myself...

“My appointment with Muzammal was very thorough, professional and I felt cared for the whole way through.  There was no rush, just an allowing of whatever time I needed to work through the issues.

I felt that much more was going on at a deeper level, a sense of connecting to powerful aspects of myself, as if they were now becoming a part of me, empowering me.   This feeling has remained with me.