What to expect from a Journey process

Journey therapy or Journeywork is a means to open into emotions felt in the body, drawing you to your Essence. This provides the connection, expanded awareness and resources to release deeply held blocks in a safe and graceful way. Afterwards, you feel lighter, more free and whole.

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What to expect from an Emotional Breakthrough Journey Process


1:1 Video Processes can take place wherever you are in the World

With UK based practitioner, Dr Muzammal


An example Process

Here is one example of how we might work together:

As a skilled Journey therapist, at your appointment I will help you identify and begin to feel a key emotion related to your situation. Sitting comfortably, with the eyes closed, you are guided in a safe, supported way to fully experience this emotion. As you open into it and fully feel it in your body, your experience will deepen and the emotion will begin to pass through. You will then discover a deeper emotion coming in.

As you experience successive emotional layers, you will uncover a past unresolved memory - and which we will come back to later - contributing to the issue you came for. As you are supported to go deeper still, you eventually open into an experience of inner peace and freedom.

It is within this more open and peaceful experience that you have access to the inner resources to safely express and empty out the emotional pain not yet fully voiced from the unresolved memory. This happens very naturally as you’re supported to express in words what needs to be said, but hadn’t been, releasing it. You may feel a strong sense of relief as you now let it go, allowing you to move forward in your life.

As each person and situation is unique, I will bring in elements and tools tailored to your specific needs to help with the problem or challenge you are facing and would like to resolve.

Note that this approach is not about dwelling on, intellectualising and reinforcing a story, but about finally fully facing an issue, letting go of baggage while uncovering insights and moving purposefully forward in your life.


Before Your Process

Before the day of your process, there is an opportunity to ask any questions and bring up anything related to what you are facing - whether that is a relationship breakdown, lack of fulfilment in a job or career, feeling low or depressed, anxiety, a physical health issue, or anything else.

On the day of your process, we have a chat to help clarify fully what you would like to work on, before we begin.


During Your Journey

During your Journey, not only do you get to uncover a core underlying issue that is contributing to what you are facing, you also have the means to dive into an expansive experience that is deeply restorative and healing. This vast experience has been described in different ways: Love, Acceptance, Bliss, Truth and Source, for example.

Infused with the qualities of this precious experience, you now have access to the necessary resources and tools that allow the underlying issue to be resolved safely and with compassion.

As a result, you feel a natural ease with which stored emotion is gently released, emptied out of your system completely.

Afterwards, you feel the relief of having let go of a long-held burden. The overall experience is profound and deeply healing. The results can be surprising.

Having immersed yourself within your own inner wisdom, you might also find that you have received meaningful insights to fundamental questions regarding your life, livelihood and relationships.

Your own personal journey begins to make more sense as the pieces and parts come together.

As the healing process continues for a little longer, it is helpful to take it easy for the rest of the day.


To ensure you are supported after your process, I offer a follow-up support call (plus a second call if needed) or equivalent email support. This is usually taken within a few days after a process.

See also FAQ’s below


FAQs on The Journey Process


Some differences between Emotional Breakthrough Journeywork and many mainstream talking therapies


How Many Processes would I need?

I would generally recommend a Breakthrough Package consisting of usually three or five Processes over a period of several weeks. A first process might, for instance, create an opening that will then allow us to work more deeply through consecutive processes. You also get follow-up and integration support.

We can decide together which Breakthrough Package would be most suitable during your free support consultation.


Is The Journey like Counselling?

With the Journey, the focus is not on talking about an issue. It is instead a guided therapeutic process that supports us to dive deep within, typically dropping through emotional layers, like peeling away the layers of an onion, to uncover a core underlying issue. We go deeper still into an experience beyond the ego mind, one of expansiveness, support and inner peace. Here, you find you have the resources you need to connect safely with held emotions, release, forgive, and move on.

Afterwards people often feel like they have let go of a burden they had been carrying around for years, and consequently experience more internal joy and freedom. You might typically book three (or five) sessions of the Journey, whereas Counselling usually requires a minimum of six, ten, or more.

The Journey Process is experienced sitting comfortably with the eyes closed.

Can I use the Journey Process in conjunction with other therapies?

Yes! The Journey helps clear out core emotional blocks, opening up the potential for greater clarity, inner freedom & healing, whether the challenge we face is emotional, behavioural or physical. We can also support our healing process through a balanced diet, appropriate, regular exercise, relaxation, engaging with nature, detoxification regimes and so forth.  There are also social and economic influences that may be helpful to work with.

My intention is to work in conjunction with whatever healing route or therapeutic approaches you choose, whether orthodox, complementary, a traditional system or a combination.

The Journey Process itself guides us to our own inner wisdom, where  insights are revealed. You thus experientially discover your own answers, a process that reflects the transformative nature of this deep work as we journey to Wholeness.

I already do ‘inner work’. How could I benefit from the Journey?

If you have a regular practise such as meditation, Reiki, Yoga practises, or follow a spiritual path or program, then Great! You might already be experiencing the shedding away of layers, more Presence and the Freedom that comes from opening into more of your Essence.

There may also be times, however, that no matter what amount of inner work we seem to be doing, stubborn blocks remain and hold us back. The Journey Process can be extremely helpful for those times – by dissolving away deep-rooted blocks, it can create openings that support our regular practises. Thus the Journey can work in a wonderful, complementary way with whatever path we are on, or whichever practises we follow.

The Journey can be extremely helpful whenever deep emotional healing work is of benefit.


Could the Journey help you?

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With UK-based practitioner, Dr Muzammal