Why Life-Design Coaching?

If you're feeling stuck or confused in an area of your life, you're in the right place!...

This is where I can help.

By choosing one of our personalised life-design coaching packages, you'll benefit from a powerful blend of skills and experience enabling you to let go of mental clutter, and go deep to a place where you can listen to your heart and design a pathway to achieve your goals.

You’ll get crystal clear about your situation, connect with your values, and discover what you really want.

This sets the foundation for designing steps to move purposefully to an identified goal you believe in through practical, achievable actions.

The beauty of life-design is that the process is adaptable according to what shows up along the way. Sometimes the unexpected happens - life-design coaching adapts, as it recognises we exist in a living system. Through our sessions, your pathway can thus be refined as you move forward and we gain more information.

Your pathway remains relevant and tuned in to the present moment at any given time on your journey.

The actions you take along this path will transform your situation and build your confidence - and the practical process of us working together will provide you with powerful tools you can draw on for future challenges you may face anytime in your life.


Who would benefit?

Our 1:1 life-design coaching support will be valuable for anyone feeling confused, stuck, frustrated, or if you just don't know what to do in an area of your life.

Some specific areas I can help you with include:

  • Relationship

  • Work and Career clarity

  • Project design

  • Health choices

  • Life-path direction

What can I expect from my Coaching Sessions?

Any single coaching session will be tailored to what you bring.

Some of the approaches I will use include:

Facilitated Enquiry: to help you gain laser-like clarity about your situation and your vision, generate ideas for action, and pin down specific steps you can take to help turn your vision into reality.

Guided reflection: enabling you to gain further valuable insights and clarity.

Accountability and supportive listening: to ensure you are on track, and to identify and help you overcome anything holding you back so you can move towards the goals you believe in.

Ecosystem and Life-design tools: for creative, holistic, thinking, helping you get unstuck, and to leverage sources of support that will fuel your journey to the outcome you desire.

Flexibility: The process and pace is individualised. It will be adapted according to what shows up for you, so you receive what you need at the right time to keep you on track.

My approach to coaching is about giving you the support you need to discover your own answers and empowering you to identify and take those key steps along a more wholesome path.

I think this might be what I need - What's the next step?

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