Dr Muzammal embodies a unique and powerful blend across complementary fields to activate your potential and transform your life-path enabling you to be of more meaningful service to the world.

He brings the sensitivity of a skilled emotional breakthrough Journey Therapist, the experience of a medical doctor practised in NHS Psychiatry, and practical wisdom drawing on his years of experience with powerful, ecological and life-design coaching tools.

He provides services both as a Coach, Emotional Breakthrough Journey Therapist, and Facilitator.

Dr Muzammal

He has shifted his own career-path from working in the top-down system of mainstream medicine to being primarily self-employed, and now supports his clients to go through deep transformations working with approaches that help awaken Soul and community.

He offers his services to clients in Brighton & Hove and Worldwide via Video call.

Below, Muzammal shares his journey into this transformational work.


A core lesson I’d like to share

A core lesson I’d like to share is the absolute importance of giving value to all parts of our being - whether at an individual level or collective.

I’ve personally experienced the impact caused by the numbing of parts of myself - I’ve experienced this, firstly, through aspects of my upbringing, which while it had many positive elements, was one in which certain emotions were unwelcome.This caused them to get pushed down, blocking out some of my creative energy and Essence.

Another place I experienced this numbing and shutting down was at medical school. Getting my offer letter, and excited at the opportunity to study and appreciate the beauty of the human body, I instead found myself catapulted into a system of robotic learning, often seasoned with attempts of teaching by humiliation.

My inner spark began to diminish soon after starting medical school, despite being regular in a daily meditation practise I had learned several months earlier. The wisdom of my body and emotions was sacrificed for the sake of regular intensive exams, embedded in the conveyor belt of a system of industrialised learning.

I ultimately realised that I had allowed my more wise, inner voice to be over-run by the false authority of a dehumanising, external system.

Inner wisdom, nature’s wisdom

These and other experiences led me to realise how much the world is turned upside down. That the voices that hold the most power are inadequate in speaking for our wellbeing - and for the wellbeing of our communities and the wider planet.


The false authority of many of the dominant institutions and workplaces neglectfully disregard the wisdom of the natural world - outer and inner. This is essentially why, I believe, we have so many crises at this moment in time.

After medical school, my path began to move into psychiatry working with people experiencing a range of mental health challenges - whether anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship breakdown, and others - from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

This is when I began to more fully realise that true healing is about gracefully giving space to all parts, including those that had been marginalised - so the hurt, anger, sadness, frustration, grief, and so forth, are fully accepted and can be processed.

As the marginalised parts are finally welcomed, energy is freed up, wisdom arises and wholeness can be restored.

Emotional healing immersion

This period coincided with me exploring emotional healing work more directly. I underwent the experiential training with Brandon Bays and her team, to become an accredited Journey Therapist in 2002.  

Through my personal experience and working with clients, I have found the core principles of this work to be one of the most powerful 1:1 emotional healing approaches I have come across.

I am also a regular trainer at Journey intensives, and exchange processes with fellow therapists so I too continue to benefit and grow myself.

Wholeness in communities


I also began to explore Process Work, a fascinating approach to facilitating conflict in groups and communities. Process Workers tend to embrace tensions and welcome marginalised experiences, at a group level. I have enjoyed witnessing how this can lead to the processing of that tension, more meaningful understanding, and a deepening of relationships while appreciating diversity.

My participation in Process Work forums and trainings has played a valuable role in my life and my practise. It has complemented journeywork and other facilitation approaches I have engaged with over the years.

Altogether, I’ve experienced much fulfillment in applying a blend of complementary approaches to help groups identify purpose, deeper values, aligned goals and to tap into their collective wisdom.

Life transition - drawing on nature’s wisdom

Another area that my life journey entered into was in care for the earth. The voice of the earth is one we ignore at our peril.

I worked with a number of groups, initially passionate to act against climate change and so forth, then later I moved more to applying principles to support the earth to heal. This led me to Permaculture design - an approach that draws on the wisdom in nature to design resilient human systems. It can also be applied in powerful ways to designing and getting clear on one’s own life path and direction.

Permaculture played a pivotal role in helping me (as part of my diploma training) to transition my own career several years ago, from working in the hierarchical system of mainstream medicine, to being primarily self-employed through work that is more creative and meaningful.

Spaces for that Restorative Pause

My calling is to create spaces that give that ‘pause’ needed to gather all parts. This involves working individually 1:1 and with groups, enabling a process that acts as a powerful catalyst for deep transformation and the restoration of wholeness.

I am aware of this inner world of richness, beauty and meaning. I have experienced how we can shut it down. And the joy of opening up. And through these experiences, I have realised the absolute need for spaces and pauses to undo disharmony, open up the possibility of healing, and live a soul-aligned life. A life where we can be of meaningful service in our interconnected, ecologically dynamic world.

It is my joy to work with you, to support you to more fully face the blocks, stuck-ness or whatever currently holds you back, step into the truth that you are, shed the dead weight that holds you down, letting it go, releasing it for good, and for you to experience the relief and freedom as you unlock your gifts and move forward in your life.

As I too am part of the wider field, I am affected by my work with others. My presence will move you, and your presence will move me. Nothing remains still. I am always growing and I am truly grateful for this beautiful learning and this path of service and being served.

In Peace,