Dr Muzammal embodies a unique and powerful blend across complementary fields to activate your potential and transform your life enabling you to be of more meaningful service to the world. He brings the sensitivity of a skilled emotional breakthrough Journey Practitioner, the experience of a medical doctor practised in NHS Psychiatry, and practical wisdom using holistic life-design tools and thinking.

He has shifted his life-path from working in mainstream medicine to being self-employed supporting his clients to go through deep transformations and working with approaches that help awaken Soul and community.

He offers his services to clients in Brighton & Hove, London and Worldwide via skype.

Below Dr Muzammal shares his journey into emotional breakthrough Journeywork.


An important lesson I’d like to share

Dr Muzammal ~ Restoratve Wholeness

One of the most important lessons I have learned in my life is the absolute importance of giving value to all parts of our being.

I have experienced first hand the pain, isolation and numbing of the soul when parts of it are silenced, are cut off. This can be because of external norms and pressures to conform, imposed time-frames and targets, or because of so called reason and logic sidelining creativity, inner feelings and deeper wisdom.


Paddling along: Forgetting who I was

Six months before I started medical school, I learned a daily meditation practise. I soon began to experience inner stillness, more creativity and a clearer sense of purpose.

A few months later, just a few weeks into my first year at medical school and it’s imposed system of living and learning, my inner spark began to diminish. I began to lose sense of what I really wanted. I felt like I was paddling frantically, trying to meet the unquestionable demands and dehumanising schedule of life as a medical student.

I kept saying to myself, just keep going, once I reach the end, it will all be okay. Yet I began to become more cut off from my own feelings. I felt frustrated knowing there was so much more I could be. I could sense that passing through the hoops of a so-called health professional training system was not a definition of real success – at least not mine. That real achievement and being a fuller human-being might in fact mean living according to a different set of values, and perhaps even a very different life.


Space to breathe: Back-packing and working in mental health

Eventually, after qualifying as a doctor along with gaining a degree in psychology, I was able to steer my career through a less conventional route. I managed to be one of just two junior doctors in London who worked ‘part-time’ (still around 40 hours a week!). This gave me some breathing space and time to explore and enjoy other happenings.

I also took time out, back-packed abroad occasionally, and then worked in psychiatry in numerous locations including Sussex, London, Bristol, Essex and Wales. This continued in stints of weeks to months or a little longer, over the next 12 years or so.

Mental health was a specialty I did enjoy, working with a team of psychologists, social workers and community nurses. We would do our best to support people from all kinds of cultures and backgrounds – people experiencing depression, anxiety, stress disorders, trauma, sleep issues, substance misuse and all kinds of other mental health challenges. Sometimes they also experienced either work stress,  relationship breakdown, unemployment or debilitating physical illness. We tried to support them to discover their strengths, move through challenges and begin to live more fulfilling lives.


Journey Healing: Becoming our Selves, becoming Whole

It was during this time, in 2001, that I heard Brandon Bays speak at Alternatives in London about the Journey. I explored it directly and was soon blown away by its healing power. I began to witness how, with commitment and the support of a skilled therapist, a person could directly access long-standing emotional blocks holding their life back. Then, opening further to a deeper place of wisdom and compassion, the resources were now available for deep-rooted blocks to be safely released. Once these blocks were cleared, a person would experience more clarity, focus and a greater purpose in life.

My training as a Journey therapist included intensive training and retreats in England, Wales and Australia. During this time I facilitated and experienced many processes, undertook dozens of case studies, and became accredited as a Journey therapist in 2002. Now, you might find me in the role of a support trainer at the occasional Journey intensive.  I also continue to participate in advanced retreats held by Brandon Bays for Journey Therapists, allowing me to draw on more experience and shared knowledge within my own 1:1 work.

Over the years, as well as working with individuals through the Journey, my therapeutic healing work has also extended to collective conflict transformation – working with community groups and organisations, supporting all parts to be voiced and witnessed (including those that have been marginalised, whether due to race, ethnicity class, gender, age, and so forth) so a group can become more whole. I am also trained in acupressure and permaculture (ecological and social healing), which further enriches my work.


Spaces for that Restorative Pause

My calling is to create and continue working within spaces that give that ‘pause’ needed to gather all those parts, working individually 1:1 and with groups, enabling a process that acts as a powerful catalyst for deep transformation and the restoration of wholeness.

I am aware of this inner world of richness, beauty and meaning. I have experienced how we can shut it down. And through the pain this causes, I have realised the absolute need for these vital spaces and pauses in life and communities to undo the damage, open up the possibility of healing and regain the life we were meant to live. A life where we can be of meaningful service in an interconnected, ecologically dynamic world.

It is my joy to work with you, to support you to more fully face the blocks, stuck-ness or whatever currently holds you back, step into the truth that you are, shed the dead weight that holds you down, letting it go, releasing it for good, and for you to experience the relief and freedom as you move forward in your life.

As I too am part of the wider field, I am affected by my work with others. My presence will move you, and your presence will move me. Nothing remains still. I am always growing and I am truly grateful for this beautiful learning and this path of service and being served.

If you have any questions about my Journey therapy practise in Brighton & Hove or London, or about any other aspect of my work, please do not hesitate to contact me.

In Peace


MB BS (Medical doctor); BSc (Psych); Accredited Journey Practitioner, & Life Explorer