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This 9-minute audio has been specifically designed for anyone looking to gain emotional relief & feel more at peace. Through the guided process you will have taken a small, significant step to being more present to your emotional state, whatever that is in the moment. As you do this, whatever emotion is there begins to loosen its grip and move through the body. You will feel less clogged and have greater clarity. By connecting with your authentic self you will feel more at ease in who you are right now and more free.

Once you've completed your audio session, please read below.

Further emotional relief

While the audio does not involve the deeper rooted emptying out and release that takes place through a tailored 1:1 Journey Process, by using this audio, you will nonetheless experience a taste of emotional connection and relief.

If you'd like to take this work much further, then 1:1 Journey Therapy may be a good next step. This is available via video call and can also be taken in-person. The Journey supports us to open into deeper, more expanded levels of awareness where deep-rooted emotional baggage can be safely released. It has the potential to provide groundbreaking results, whether you're struggling with emotional blocks, undergoing a difficult or transitional period of your life, or feel like you're not living the life you want to lead.

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