If meaning and fulfilment is at the core of your work…

You might like to explore these fresh offerings rooted in years of facilitating experience in different locations and settings.

Our aim is to understand the precise needs of your team - and to provide the care and support necessary for your team to thrive.

Our workshops to benefit your team (see below) may last an hour, a half day, a full day, or a longer period of time

The exact type and length will be based on conversations we can have together in advance.

Bespoke workshops can also be arranged.

You’ll experience a range of approaches. This will include small and large group exercises involving listening, sharing and reflecting.

Our offerings will unlock creativity, increase bonding and lead to inspired, practical action.

Check out examples of workshops we offer below. Then, if you’d like to have a chat, simply book a call for a time that suits you.

''I liked Dr Muzammal a lot. His vibe was very calming and I think  he did a great job explaining methods and concepts to us in a way we could understand and use''

A Chamber of Commerce workshop participant

Get Unstuck: Flourishing Teams Workshops

If your team has been hitting a wall, or is experiencing conflict that is keeping it stuck, this is the option to choose.

Time is taken to get a real sense of the social landscape of the team, who is there, the different felt experiences and so forth. That way I get a sense of the breadth and depth of different voices in the mix, This provides the foundation for a holistic and meaningful way forward.

Together we will:

  • explore where you’re at

  • identify what’s holding you back

  • reconnect and realign with purpose and values - with what really matters.

  • identify practical steps to re-energise and move the team meaningfully forwards.

"I have found Dr Muzammal's work inspirational and can't thank him enough."

Anzhela Racheva

Collaborative Decision-Making

Have a team decision to make? We can provide an external facilitator, so you can leave the facilitating to us. We can use inclusive, creative approaches to ensure:

  • all voices are heard

  • the wisdom of the team is unlocked

  • shared values and differences are recognised

  • needs are accounted for

  • ideas are elicited

  • A decision is reached


Emotional Decluttering and Wellbeing

If your workplace is starting to feel highly pressured, this workshop will help team members:

  • Learn about the impact of stuck emotions on mind and body

  • Experience a gentle, guided exercise to release emotional clutter and tap into greater energy

  • Be more meaningfully productive

  • Pin down strategies and healthy habits to declutter emotionally and feel renewed in work and everyday life

  • Hear about 1:1 confidential emotional breakthrough sessions for anyone looking for further support


Reflective Practise: Cultivate a Conscious Team

Would you like your team to be more effective and resilient? Reflective practise may be just what your team needs. It will mean:

  • A regular opportunity for employees to come together to develop more awareness around the challenges they face in their roles.

  • Employees get to safely explore how they are affected by what they are facing

  • Cultivation of greater self-compassion

  • Greater awareness of new and different ways of looking at situations

  • Development and reinforcing of healthy habits for greater reailience.

The focus for any session is based on what is raised by those attending. This ensures it is relevant to their needs. Sessions are typically 1-2 hours, every 4-6 weeks.

"Your workshop was a breath of fresh air! It resonated with me in ways that I did not expect. I really appreciated the calm, gentle pace and innovative approach. The exercises of listening and speaking sat in a different space to what I was used to - they felt joyous and unfettered.

Thank you for this, Muzammal. I know that what I learned through this will anchor much of my decision-making in the future.

So, thank you once again for a very meaningful workshop - for the ambience and the content. I ruminated on it for days and am still contemplating its resonance weeks since."