When we receive medical treatment for a health condition, ideally we would feel well supported throughout our healing journey. However, in some instances we can feel let down, confused or even traumatised by the experience.

That's when you might benefit from my support...

I will listen to:

  • what you've been struggling with
  • where you are at now, and
  • your desired outcome for the future

We can then discuss whether any support I offer could be of value to you. If so,  we can agree on a tailor-made package together comprising coaching, emotional breakthrough work, or a combination of both.

Through working with me, you will be supported to gain clarity, discover wiser choices, and heal well with less stress and greater peace of mind.

We will focus on meeting your needs, drawing on my skill and experience as a medically trained Journey therapist with experience working in the NHS as a psychiatrist (over more than 12 years) alongside my ability to listen deeply and provide you with transformative coaching.

If you have any questions or you'd like to chat about potentially working with me, please feel free to contact me here.

I'm looking forward to hearing about what you're facing, discussing the possibility of working together and what we can expect for your specific situation.



If you have a medical illness, you are advised to consult your own medical practitioner. The approaches we offer are not a replacement to seeking medical advice from your own doctor. They are meant to support you on your own healing path and can be used in conjunction with whichever healing route or system you choose. Our approach is about letting go and moving into Freedom. Whilst people have reported significant improvements with medical illnesses following approaches we use, each of us is unique, and no one can say in advance exactly how any individual will respond.