Seeking Help for Depression?

If we're depressed, we can feel closed down to life, unable to gain pleasure from activities we previously enjoyed. We may lack motivation and can experience negative thoughts about ourselves and the future. Simple tasks can take much effort and we can feel stuck in life.

On this page, you'll learn how it's possible to access and dissolve buried emotional baggage holding you down. This can help your mood and depression to lift, and energy and joy to return.

If it feels right for you, 1:1 therapy is available in person in the Brighton & Hove region and also worldwide via video call. You can also gain access to my free 9-mins emotional relief audio taster.

Find out more by scrolling down, or clicking on the index below. If you have any questions, please let me know!

  1. Why do I Feel so Low?

  2. Emotional Breakthrough: Journey Therapy to Help Lift Mood and Relieve Depression

  3. Working with a Medically Trained Journey Therapist

  4. A Taster Step: Free 9 Mins Online Audio

  5. Symptoms of Depression


Why Do I Feel So Low?

A useful way I've found to understand depression is in terms of our relationship with our emotions. Let me explain what I mean...

As babies we tend to experience our emotions freely. Emotions come. Emotions go. There's no resisting - no denying or pretending they're not there.

Yet, as we go through life, we may have difficult experiences that we don't fully process. Or society, family & culture may communicate to us that some emotions are unwelcome. We thus learn strategies to avoid feeling those emotions - emotions such as anger, hurtfear, sadness or whatever was the case for us.

These strategies can be compounded by stories we create about ourselves. We may repeatedly be telling ourselves that we cannot change, or that because of a certain situation we are meant to feel a particular way. This can stop us paying attention to what we are really feeling.

And while we may be in a dysfunctional relationship, family or situation that itself requires healing, we need to make sure we do not disempower ourselves at the same time.  If we replay these stories again and again and disconnect from what we really feel, an unfortunate outcome is that this causes us to remain stuck, holding us back from feeling and releasing deeper emotions (and hearing our deeper wisdom).

Emotions that we don't face end up getting pushed down and buried inside us.

The buried emotions can then act like a blanket making us feel numb. It becomes harder to feel not just the difficult emotions, but increasingly all of them - including joy, love and hope, for example. We begin to experience less pleasure in life. We may lose our spark and our motivation fades.

Our mood is affected, causing us to feel low and depressed.

However, there is a way out...


Emotional Breakthrough: Journey Therapy to Help Lift Mood and Relieve Depression

At Restorative Wholeness,  I usually offer clients experiencing low mood or depression a powerful healing method called Journey therapy, or Journeywork.

One of the unique qualities of this powerful approach is that, rather than reinforcing the 'story' about how you feel, you are supported to do exactly the opposite of what society expects: you are supported to safely meet your emotions.

This, instead of fuelling the 'story' that is reinforcing your low mood, I support you to honestly experience the buried emotions that are contributing to it. This is a step that naturally leads to their release, helping to pull the rug away from under your mood. Here's how:

As you're safely guided to feel these emotions, you begin to open into what's underneath. As your journey takes you deeper, you eventually open into a more expansive, more peaceful and joyous state. This experience has always been there - it's just that over time, it can get covered with layers of conditioning and emotional stuckness to the point that we can lose connection with it.

Now that you're immersed in this expanded more healing state, you gain access to a deeper acceptance, and the inner resources, that support emotional baggage feeding the depression to be safely released.

With gentle guidance and support, as the deeper emotions are safely released, you feel a relief as though you've let go of a long held burden. Space begins to open up for life and joy to return. The overall experience can be profound and deeply healing.

Depression relief with Journey Therapist

Having immersed yourself in your own inner wisdom, you may also discover insights about your life, livelihood and relationships.  It becomes possible to make wiser choices. Life consequently becomes more purposeful, richer, and carries greater meaning.

You can find out more about what happens during an emotional breakthrough Journey process, including how it differs from counselling by visiting this page.

Working with a Uniquely Experienced, Medically Trained Journey Therapist

My background as a psychiatrist in the NHS (over more than 12 years) has given me valuable experience helping people from a range of backgrounds and cultures with varying grades and manifestations of depression.

I have worked in clinic and hospital settings and have advised family doctors about medication and support for their patients. Coupled with my 13 years experience as a Journey practitioner, and an ability to listen deeply to your needs, I offer valuable and unique support to help you move forward.

Thus whether your depression is mild or more intense, whether it's mixed with anxiety or any other experience, or whether you are taking any medication or are medication-free, I would be happy to listen to you about what you're facing.

Together, we can discuss what is or isn't helping, and whether working with me could help your depression and give you relief.  Please contact me to arrange a free consultation call so we can discuss what you are facing


A Taster Step: Free 9 Minute Online Audio

If you're still deciding whether working with me is right for you, you are invited to try my 9-minute emotional relief audio free of charge.

This will allow you to experience a taster of the very basics of an approach I use. It can also be a helpful starter step to support you to feel and release some of the emotions you may be holding.

The audio comes with follow-up support via email to help you further, and there is no cost. You can find out more about the audio here, or can access it by clicking the button below and following the simple steps to receive the link right away.

The free audio is an optional, guided, starter step to this powerful approach of emotional release and healing that you can access immediately.


Symptoms of Depression

Somebody who is depressed is likely to experience a low mood, a loss of interest in life, and may also have low energy levels.

Other symptoms can include:

  • difficulty in concentrating

  • reduced confidence

  • disturbed sleep

  • reduced libido

  • feelings of worthlessness & guilt

  • reduced appetite

There may be no obvious cause to the symptoms, or there may be circumstances that feed it e.g. relationship, job, finances or a traumatic life event.

Depression may occur alone, or in conjunction with anxiety or other challenging experiences.

In some instances, it can also be interspersed with feelings of elation (e.g. bipolar).

Some people may experience thoughts of self-harm. (If you are experiencing these, I recommend contacting your GP or local mental health service in the first instance).

It is also important to be aware that depression may also be caused by physical conditions, e.g. underactive thyroid. This can be checked out through a simple test via your GP.

Our approach is to support you to get to the underlying emotional root that feeds the depression. If we can connect with and safely release the underlying emotional cause, we take a significant step forward in freeing ourselves from our symptoms and distress.

It's always important to listen to your own inner sense of what approach feels right for you. Whatever route or approach you do take, I wish you a journey of increasing fulfillment and joy as you step more fully into the inner potential wanting to shine through.

Dr Muzammal - Depression Journey Therapist Brighton

About Dr Muzammal (Founder of Restorative Wholeness)

Dr Muzammal is an experienced emotional breakthrough Journey therapist & coach and has also worked in psychiatry over more than 12 years. He offers therapy & coaching services in Brighton & Hove, London and remotely via Video Call.


Contact Dr Muzammal for a free initial consultation call where he can hear more about what you're facing, and can discuss ways to help you find relief from depression in Brighton & Hove and beyond.