For those of us who struggle with anxiety, we can experience relentless worry, confusion, fear, over-thinking, and disturbed sleep.

It can feel like we're living in two worlds, as the world outside carries on as though our experience doesn't exist.

On this page, you'll read how emotional breakthrough Journey therapy can help you move forward by releasing core emotional blocks holding you back. You'll find out how it's possible to regain focus, clarity and inner peace, enabling you to live your life more to your full potential.

You can also arrange a free telephone consultation, and try out our free online audio taster.

Emotional breakthrough Journey therapy is available in person in the Brighton & Hove region and also worldwide via Video Call.


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  1. Emotional Breakthrough Journey for Anxiety Intro

  2. My Approach as a Medically trained Therapist

  3. What to Expect During a Session

  4. A First Step: Free Online Anxiety Relief Taster

  5. Types of Anxiety: Trigger, no obvious trigger etc..

  6. Some Anxiety Symptoms


Emotional Breakthrough for Anxiety Intro

My core approach to working with clients experiencing anxiety is a powerful, transformative emotional breakthrough method. This method is called Journey therapy, which I qualified as a practitioner in over 15 years ago. It's a very direct approach and can release considerable deep-rooted tension in a short time, helping you feel more free.

(I am also Medically trained and have worked professionally in Psychiatry over more than 12 years).

If you'd like to explore working with me, we initially speak on the phone during your free telephone consultation. I listen carefully to what you're experiencing, and you get a chance to ask any questions. We can also discuss if Journey therapy could be appropriate for your situation.


How does a Session Work?

During a Journey therapy session itself, you are supported to fully meet your own experience. The anxiety you experience is a doorway to go to deeper underlying emotions. Safely feeling these deeper layers is an important part of the healing process.

As these deeper emotional layers are experienced you drop further and even deeper -  as this process continues, you'll find yourself feeling more peaceful and more still and free. It's within this expansive experience of your own essence that core emotional blocks feeding the anxiety can now be safely released.

As emotional pain underlying the anxiety is safely released, relief is experienced and courage and confidence can begin to return.

Flower floating on pond, symbolising relief, peace and stillness

Any single session is alive to the moment, direct and tailored to you unique situation and needs.

Meaning and insights arise as you discover your own answers which help inform any actions. As wisdom and strength come through, life becomes richer and we experience a greater sense of purpose, joy and inner peace.

It may be helpful to read this note I received from a client who had been experiencing considerable anxiety:

"Thank you so much for seeing me recently. I can't tell you what a huge impact your professional expertise has had on me and in finding ways to move forward.

Following an incredibly difficult period with severe issues with anxiety, my in depth sessions with you have really helped to address and lessen this problem... It's been very profound.

I very much appreciate your time and expertise and have been singing your praises to people I know.

I would really recommend your work to others seeking support for a range of problems."

Nicky, Company Director

You may also like to read more about the Journey process here (including how it differs from counselling)

A First Step: Free Online Taster

To try a simple taster of the very basics of this approach, you might like to access our free 9-minute emotional relief audio available online. It can be a helpful step forward, and a way towards greater self-acceptance, an important aspect of healing.

The audio comes with follow-up support via email to help you further, and there is no cost. You can find out more about the audio here. Alternatively you can access it right away by clicking the button below and following the simple steps enabling you to receive the link.

The free audio is an optional, guided, starter step to this powerful approach of emotional release and healing.

My Approach as a Medically Trained Therapist

My background in psychiatry means that I also have a good understanding of medications used as treatment for anxiety and other mental health challenges.

Whether you're taking any medication or not, my experience allows me to work alongside any support option you have chosen as part of your personal healing journey. I am also happy to suggest other services I am aware of if they could be useful to your unique situation.

The emotional breakthrough Journey therapy sessions I offer take place via video call and also at my clinic in Brighton & Hove.

In general, I would normally recommend a Journey package over 1 to 3 months to help work through anxiety symptoms.


Types of Anxiety

Your personal experience may not fit perfectly into a neat diagnostic box. After all, just as diversity is inherent in nature, each of us is our own unique person and set of experiences. However, it can be useful to look at least briefly at the way anxiety types are conventionally broken down. Here is a breakdown drawing on the mainstream medical model:

Some of us may experience excessive anxiety due to a known cause, or there may be no obvious reason.

New symptoms may be related to a previous stressful life-event or trauma, or in some cases to a period of chronic trauma. (The event(s) may have taken place days, weeks or years earlier) - if so our anxiety may be classed as what is called an 'adjustment reaction', 'post-traumatic stress disorder' (PTSD), or chronic or complex trauma.

Anxiety may also be triggered by a specific situation, and this is especially the case with phobias, e.g. 'social phobia' or 'agoraphobia'.
Or, it can arise unpredictably and with great intensity - e.g. 'panic attacks' - these can be so intense that we can feel like we are going mad or about to die (even though we are not).

Anxiety can also be 'free-floating' and relatively continuous with no specific trigger, such as in 'generalised anxiety disorder' (GAD).

Of course, we can all feel anxious in certain situations, and there is actually no fine dividing line between 'normal' and what fits a 'diagnosis'. Thus, if our symptoms are restricting us and preventing us from living a life to the greater potential we know is possible, then we may want to consider further support - whether through self-help strategies, a group or via a professional therapist.

Ultimately mental health challenges can be an invitation for us to grow as human beings, and can be the spark for a journey of deep transformation.


Some Anxiety Symptoms

As well as fear or worry, other symptoms of anxiety can include:

  • feeling on edge and hyper-vigilance

  • palpitations

  • dry mouth

  • sweating

  • restlessness

  • difficulty sleeping (insomnia)

  • poor concentration

  • feeling sick

  • dizziness

  • shaking or tremors

  • and more...

Anxiety can exist by itself or it may coexist with other mental health conditions. For instance, it can be quite common for anxiety to be mixed with symptoms of depression where we also experience low mood and are unable to gain pleasure from activities.

It is important to be aware that anxiety may be caused by physical conditions, e.g. overactive thyroid. This can be checked out through a simple test via your GP.

Also, anxiety is extremely common: Around 15% of people in the UK can experience an anxiety related health disorder in a given year.

Our approach is to support you to get to the underlying emotional root that feeds the anxiety symptoms. If we can connect with and safely release the underlying emotional cause, we take a significant step forward in freeing ourselves from our symptoms and distress.

It's always important to listen to your own inner sense of what approach feels right for you. Whatever route or approach you do take, I wish you a journey of increasing peace and joy as you step more fully into the inner potential wanting to shine through.


Dr Muzammal - Anxiety Journey Therapist

About Dr Muzammal (Founder of Restorative Wholeness)

Dr Muzammal is an experienced emotional breakthrough Journey therapist & coach and has also worked in psychiatry over more than 12 years. He offers therapy & coaching services in Brighton & Hove, London and worldwide via Video Call. He can offer valuable understanding and therapeutic support to adults experiencing anxiety in their life. By dissolving deep-rooted blocks, his clients are able to gain confidence, focus and energy enabling them to lead more inspired and fulfilling lives.

Contact Dr Muzammal for a free initial telephone consultation where he can hear more about what you're facing, and can discuss ways to help you find relief from anxiety in Brighton & Hove and beyond.

You might also want to try out his 9-minute emotional relief taster free of charge.