The Most Important 'Journey'?

Some of you may already have experienced how powerful and healing the Journey Process can be.

As we are supported to truly face emotions that have been suppressed, and move to a deeper, compassionate place - whatever we have been holding onto can be safely released. The Truth of who we are is naturally more fully present as illusion dissolves.

This is perhaps the most important Journey we can make. Some would say, it is the only journey that really matters.  Shedding away layers of illusion. To whatever extent we agree, there is no doubt that this journey brings forth more meaning to life. Amongst other numerous benefits, it can also potentially lead to deep, physical healing.

The Body, The Emotion, and Massage

My own experience of emotions is that I feel them in my body. Whether I am anxious, annoyed, sad, happy, I can feel these emotions somewhere in my physical self. It thus seems inevitable that emotions can be accessed and released through body therapies.

Once, when I was training in massage many years ago, I recall an experience of practising a sequence with one of the other students at the time. As I experimented with strokes of effleurage and petrissage, there was a point whereby I moved into a different zone, and began to move my hands intuitively and in a way that I sensed was responding to something deeper within my partner.

My thinking mind, or intellect, had stepped aside and it was as though I was coming from a place of deeper sensing within. Soon, I could sense something shifting in my client, something heavy and deep. Within a few moments, she began to cry as grief poured out. It was as though something that had been locked away was finally being released, and by the end of the session she was feeling relief, as well as tenderness, and she told me softly "You're on the right path!"

Bringing Forward Intuitive Touch

Light - Health - Energy center (Munich)
Light - Health - Energy center (Munich)

In discovering the Journey  I have been aware for some time that there are individuals who had experimented with synthesising touch with journeywork, to the point whereby training is being formally offered to Journey practitioners. However, it was only a few weeks ago that I was pulled to participate on a course where I would take part in such training.

The course was called 'Touch of the Divine', and was led by a lovely teacher called Satya. It is currently only taking place every 2 years in Europe, and led me to travel from Surrey to Munich, Germany, where it was being held.

The teaching was  beautiful, immersive and experiential - Exercises to develop our sense of touch through wearing blindfolds, coupled with yoga, and lots of practise in pairs giving one another feedback.

Offering for my Clients

By the end of the course I felt inspired, and was aware I had learnt something extremely precious, that had helped connect me with something that was already there within. I soon hope to offer this beautiful synthesis of intuitive touch with The Journey - this that is aptly called 'Touch of the Divine' - to my clients in the South-East in the near future.

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