I don’t know about you, but I’m not that drawn into issue specific campaign days. I mostly want to find the relationship between them and put my energy into their deeper common roots.

However, a few weeks ago, I had an unexpected, meaningful experience participating in World Mental Health Day that touched on the quality of relationship.


It started with a walk

It started with a morning walk from the Brighton pier to the Open Market just off the busy London Road. The weather was pleasant for the season, and I was touched by several people wearing a T-shirt carrying the assertion “I am Whole”.

World Mental Health Day - I am Whole logo

These three words, I later discovered, are that of a campaign originating in the city. The campaign aims to lessen the stigma around mental health challenges so many of us face at different times in our life.


The I am Whole video


What was special was that this event rekindled some of my older friendships from wider connections during my time in NHS psychiatry. It also introduced me to lovely new faces.

It was a satisfying occasion, and showed the human face of the organisations represented – Preston Park Recovery Centre, MIND and Brighton Women’s Centre to name a few. I didn’t have formal representation at a stall myself – I simply joined in!


Nurturing Relationships: Diversity as a strength

To whatever extent the event made it into the media, it certainly played a role in nurturing relationships and dialogue – supporting us all in part to offer better support through the beneficial connections made across different groups.

Whatever role we play in society, we can be stronger when there are more possibilities to collaborate together.

I know the emotional breakthrough Journey work and coaching I offer my clients can, at times, be complemented by other approaches or services – particularly when a client has multiple, complex challenges.

I feel value in strengthening my connections with other services and practitioners. This enables me to bring to the attention of my clients, where appropriate, approaches that may complement well with what I offer.

That way, I can enhance the support my clients receive for their own unique healing journey - complementing with useful pointers where appropriate - a journey of insights, personal choices and autonomy.

I look forward to furthering the rewarding, diverse connections I made on this ‘named’(!) day, and supporting wholeness at the individual level by also nurturing at the societal.

About Dr Muzammal (Founder of Restorative Wholeness)

Dr Muzammal is an emotional breakthrough therapist and coach with a background in psychiatry. He is also trained in permaculture (ecological and social design).