Surrey Talk in Reigate

Date: Fri 20th March 2015

Time: 7.30pm-9pm

Venue: Yoga Ananda, 46 Albert Road North, Reigate, Surrey RH2 9EL.

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Fee: £10 / £5 (Concessions)

'The Journey' is a profound emotional healing process pioneered by Brandon Bays, who healed from a football-sized tumour in 6 and a half weeks - without drugs or surgery.  This interactive talk by medical doctor/psychiatrist and local Journey therapist, Dr Muzammal will outline some of the principles behind deep emotional healing work, and what it could do for you and your loved ones.

For more info about The Journey in Reigate, you may also like to visit Dr 's website:

Participants will have the option of a special rate (20% off) their next Journey process with Muzammal, when booked in the following 3 months!

Brighton Talk

Dr Muzammal will also be speaking about 'The Journey' in


on Sun Feb 22nd 2015 (2.45pm - 3.15pm) at the

Healthy Living Fair

in Brighton at the Open Market. This talk is free.

About the Healthy Living Fair in Brighton:


On February 22, 2015 the Open Market will be holding its first Healthy Living Fair. We define Healthy Living as encompassing everything from nutrition, physical wellbeing, mental health, exercise and activity, fun and enjoyment, the environment, and all of the many components that contribute to a happy, healthy life. A range of healthy living professionals will be in the market to participate and engage with Brighton residents with products and services that will be beneficial to their wellbeing." 

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